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About Us

Davide civelli lives in Como (Italy), he started making CG graphics with lightwave at the age of 21.
He started a solo career and became a freelancer with the will to develop his own projects as a lead renderer and graphic designer.
He worked and collaborated with state entities for the digital reconstruction of important historical works and ancient medieval castles.

Lorenzo Erba is a self-taught developer who works on “glimpse of madness” at home during his free time, in Como (Italy).
The programming and development of applications have always been his passion, he has already completed an indie project on the Amiga 500 platform “West Bandits”, currently his work primary is web development, with particular care for the SEO features.

We need your support

We have made significant progress in the development of Glimpse of Madness.
However, we need your help. Our purpose is to exceed our usual limits! Making a game, even indie, requires a huge amount of resources, energy and time. In Glimpse of Madness, we want to improve the graphics furthermore, bring new ideas, improve the puzzles and make the game longer. What you can see in the attached videos and screenshots is a work in progress, but we know that we can do a lot better. The idea of the Kickstarter is to bring a helping hand and make the game not just good, but great!

Games cost a tremendous amount of money to make, we are self-funding a large part of Glimpse of Madness and the project will release whatever happens. We need your help to make it better.


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